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Steps away from Central Park, among careworn books and paintings, the vampire Christian Du Mauré quietly watches over two modern mortals. Amanda and Ryan are the last two descendants of a painful affair Christian had more than two centuries ago in Paris France with mortal aristocrat, Josette Delacore. On the eve of revolution, he makes a vow to her, not understanding the consequences of his promise. When Immortal Obsession begins, Christian’s promise is intact; his young ancestors suspect nothing of their origin.

Amanda's life is happily predictable: she landed her dream job working for New York's monolithic Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she unites her fascination with Revolution-era Paris and her abiding love of art. During one late night at work, Amanda is roused by an unexpected phone call. Her brother Ryan urgently needs her help. Against her better judgment, she rushes to meet him in Central Park—and unwittingly becomes entangled in a world she never imagined was real.


Author: As always, I love this page. It is an honor to be here again.

This time I have brought Josette Delacore, the lover of both Christian Du Mauré and Michel Baptiste. Though her part in Immortal Obsession is hinted at through flashbacks; one realizes right away that her influence in the lives of both Christian and Michel lingers long after they leave her behind in Paris at the height of the French Revolution.

Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Josette Delacore

Josette: Very well Denise. My full name is Josette Moraine Delacore. I was born in Paris

France on the 18th day of August, in the year of our Lord 1772. My family lived

comfortably yet modestly as my father was a member of the minor aristocracy. I had no

brothers or sisters. My mother had difficulty bring me into the world, and I wonder if

that deterred her from having any more children.

Author: Would you care to elaborate on your childhood?

Josette: Well, my grandmother; my mother’s mother lived with us. She had an incredible

influence on me. I discovered that she had what is called ‘second sight,’ she was clairvoyant. And the way I discovered this about her was that she uncovered it in me.

I was not sure how I knew things about the people around me but she knew somehow, and began to teach me to read Tarot cards. We did this privately, of course, as my mother would not have approved at all, however, everything changed when my father died.

(Brushes a strand of her thick brown hair away from her face)

My mother began to hold elaborate parties in what I soon realized were her attempts to find another husband. I knew we needed money so one night she came up with the idea that perhaps I could read the cards for her guests, and perhaps I would gain a name for myself. (She shrugs.) It all seemed so bizarre at the time but I went along with it. I found I was quite good and her guests began to pay me for my readings. My mother preferred I not take their money but when I predicted marvelous things for their future, they insisted. One night a very handsome stranger showed up at my mother’s door. Being polite and a bit desperate I suppose, she let him in.

Immediately he came to me for a reading and I found him distracting in his beauty. I could not get a read on him which frustrated me even more, but I struggled through it based on the cards and the fragmented images that ran through my head. He then told me I would be his and I fell under his spell and became his lover.

I knew my mother wanted him for herself, but when she realized she might be able to marry off her daughter she accepted our courtship. She saw the opportunity for me to have a good life. What she did not know was that this beautiful man was no aristocrat, nor was he a man. His name was Gaétan and he was a very powerful vampire.

Author: A Vampire? How did he find you and weren’t you afraid of him?

Josette: (A shy smile.) I don’t know how he found us. When I asked he was vague but I was never afraid of him. He was always….a gentleman and he encouraged my psychic abilities despite the fact that he was not able to compel me. He attributed this to my blood.

Author: (Author swallows hard) Can you elaborate?

Josette: Well, he said I had powerful blood and it made him stronger, if that is possible for a vampire. He gave me books, jewels and beautiful clothes, if only I would stay with him. I must admit I was infatuated with him.

Author: Were your blood and your psychic gifts tied to one another?

Josette: I don’t know, I had what you today call Psychometry. I received images and impressions from objects that I touch, such as jewelry or a portrait. My life was perfect until my mother became ill and then everything changed again. You see she wanted me married before she died and so I was quickly married off to Luc Delacore, a lawyer who had a very comfortable life. We married and two weeks later my mother died. So, she got her wish.

Author: I am sorry. It sounds very hard for someone so young.

Josette: My life was…Luc was a good man but I had never wanted to marry and besides, I had

Gaétan. We were still lovers, seeing each other in the evenings and Luc never suspected and so life carried on until… (stares off into space.)

Author: Until?

Josette: Until the summer of 1787. Then everything changed.

Author: For the better?

Josette: Beyond words.

Author: Meaning good or not so good.

Josette: (Faraway look in her emerald green eyes) I met two….men, opposite in every way and I

fell in love with both of them. They were best friends.

Author: So you were a married woman who had a vampire lover and then fell in love with two

men who were best friends. Sounds complicated.

Josette: (Smiles) Not two men, but two vampires. Strangely enough, it was not complicated, I mean they were hated by Gaétan, which is another long story but once I left him, life was…quite blissful. I took a risk by leaving the security of Gaétan and embarking on a love affair with Christian Du Mauré.

Author: Wow, what was he like?

Josette: Intense. Uncompromising. Loyal. He gave me such sense of safety and security…he was

very quiet, almost brooding and in his silence I took great comfort, unlike my other vampire lover, Michel Baptiste. I see you shaking your head. It still is hard to explain…you had to be there…. We co-existed…Michel was happy, gregarious, and impulsive and yet, very loyal to Christian. I knew he loved me but he could never be tamed. He loved Christian more than….They had been friends since childhood and remained inseparable.

Author: How did you manage to deceive two vampires, or did you?

Josette: We all reconciled the reality of the situation in our own way. Christian and I never spoke about Michel, though Michel was much more open and would have shared me with his best friend, however, Christian would never have approved, so we all lived a sort of charade.

Author: Charade implies a farce or a sham.

Josette: No, it wasn’t like that. I assumed that Christian knew about Michel and I. It’s just that we

never spoke of it. As if talking about it made it real and I doubt Christian could handle that reality, despite loving Michel and forgiving him almost anything. You have to understand that I loved each of them and I could have stayed with them forever, but it was not meant to be, you see.

Author: At the beginning of Immortal Obsession, the reader finds you saying goodbye to both Christian and Michel in your boudoir in Paris while it burns around you all. You are giving them jewelry. Can you elaborate?

Josette: Well, without giving too much away…. Christian had taken my daughter, Solange, who was about two years old at the time and given her to a French family leaving Paris for London as was common. Parisians were fleeing the revolution and though I chose to stay with my husband I wanted my daughter to get out. I trusted Christian… I always trusted Christian to do whatever was necessary for her and I knew they would need money to care for her. I no longer needed my jewels and I knew both Christian and Michel were leaving much behind, so I gave Christian the small leather box that held all my jewelry. I wanted them to have a fresh start in London.

Author: And so you said goodbye to them both? Did you ever see them again?

Josette: No. I could not…. It would have jeopardized both their lives….but that is for another book.

Author: Sound like you have had a very interesting life.

Josette: You have no idea.

Denise K. Rago is a lover of books, art museums and vampires. Visit to read reviews, interviews and guest posts, and to see portraits of some of the characters from Immortal Obsession. The author is presently finishing book two in The Enchanted Bloodline Series of which Immortal Obsession is the first volume.

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