The vampire Christian Du Mauré loses his married mortal artistocrat lover Josette during the French Revolution. Before she dies, she reveals to Christian that her daughter, Solange, is really his child and makes him swear to care for her always.

Fast forward two centuries later, in modern day New York, where Christian lives with his best friend Michel. When they were mortals, Christian and Michel were inseparable. When Michel was turned vampire by his lover, he bit Christian soon after.

The two vampires now own a club in the city called the Grey Wolf. Christian gave Solange up as a child to be raised in London. She has always resented him for that and felt he abandoned her. This resentment has fueled a rage inside her. She too was turned vampire.

Siblings Amanda Perretti and her brother Ryan are descendants of Solange's line. Ryan is a drug addict that sells his blood to vampires in return for money to buy his next fix. Word has it that his blood is special, the vampire who drinks it will be able to walk in broad daylight.

Amanda has always been fascinated by the French Revolution, and works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When she witnesses her brother killed before her very eyes, she also sees Christian for the first time when he steps in and saves her life from the vampire that killed her brother. Though heartbroken and mortified, she cannot get the image of Christian out of her mind. When she runs into him six months later, she is drawn to him.

As soon as I began reading Immortal Obsession I was easily swept into the storyline. I really liked the modern day New York setting, this being one of my favorite places I could easily visualize the sights and sounds of the city.

I like Denise K. Rago's vampires, they remind me of Anne Rice's immortals, with their beauty and seductiveness. The love story within the book was interesting and I kept wondering when and if Christian and Amanda would get together. I liked Christian and how he still kept a shred of humanity within himself.
There is also a very strong bond between Christian and Michel, and the two are like soulmates.

If you're in the mood for a good romance with paranormal aspects, I recommend Immortal Obsession. This is Denise K. Rago's debut novel, and I hope to read more of her work someday. She leaves the ending wide open for a sequel.

Naida ~thebookwormNJ