Vampire Novelist Denise K. Rago

I love to write and I would do anything to just be able to write all day but reality creeps in and I find that work, family and friends takes up alot of my time. Then when I do sit down at the computer I try to put in a few hours of quality writing time. When I took ballet class and performed in recitals the formula was something crazy like 1 hour of rehearsal time for each minute of a dance piece. It could have been more hours but my point is that writing takes time and as we get older time just seems to slip by faster and faster.

I usually rough draft something out – say a chapter, then I tweak it and eventually I edit it again. I am finally tweaking Part Three of my Four Part Novel Immortal Obsession, but it takes time. I try to balance all the parts of my life. I try to cheat time and not give up too much to write but who am I kidding? No one can cheat time – maybe vampires can but not us mortals who give their blood, sweat and tears to create something of lasting value, something that may get printed and may get read.

It is a lot to hope for but I am driven to create so every time I sit at my computer I give more blood, drip more sweat and spill more tears all for the sake of a dream.

My on-line writing course ends this week. Where did the last eight weeks go? I have enjoyed it thoroughly, improving my own writing, while critiquing my classmates work as well. It has been very time consuming yet I have made cyberspace friends, I feel my writing has improved and I have a clear direction for my novel.

I will miss our weekly schedule of submissions to read, plus the thrill of tossing out questions for to group, never knowing what type of response I would receive back from them. It is not for the faint hearted. They were tough but I know it helped me grow and isn’t that what it is all about – finding the right words to tell your story, to bring your characters to life?

Damn right it is! Thanks guys!

I have been taking an on-line writing course for 5 weeks now and I must confess – I love it. I wish it would never end. I have gotten so much feedback on Immortal Obsession, most of it good I must admit. I still don’t have an adequate ending. I hate happy endings. Life just doesn’t always work out that way you know? At best we endure and if we are really lucky we find love, a sense of inner peace and happiness in one form or another. I love writing more than most anything else and perhaps one day I will be able to devote my day to this creative process.

The class liked Christian and Michel, my two immortals. I like them too. Perhaps one day you will meet them!

Set in present day New York City against the backdrop of Central Park and the West Village this is a story of two vampires and two mortals whose lives become intertwined. The wake of events changes their lives forever.

  • by Denise K. Rago

Detective Burt Ross is dark, pensive and cynical. He is a straight shooter who smokes and drinks way too much. He has the fortune of meeting both Christian and Michel and falls under their seductive charm while working undercover in the Village and his friendship with Christian eventually saves his life. He believes he is free of their pull until….

  • by Denise K. Rago

Tall, darkhaired with arched eyebrows, dark eyes and high cheekbones, Michel is model gorgeous and as opposite to Christian in everything from looks to tastes. Best friends since their mortal childhood in Meudon France, these two beauties live in present day New York. Michel has immersed himself in the mortal world, dancing, shopping, bartending (yes working) and seducing young women all over the Big Apple. He’s formidable yet funny in his black bolero jackets, low cut trousers, silver bangle bracelets and designer shoes. He lives for the hunt, the seduction of women, while Christian lives for books, art and solitude. Both love the other, yet they have very different perspectives on what it means to be immortal in a mortal world. Michel is wild, impulsive, and risk taking, while Christian is reticent, retiring and introspective. Together they are one, that is until a young woman stands to come between them…

  • by Denise K. Rago

Christian is the main character in my current novel. He is full of contradictions for a vampire; reticent, introspective, a recluse who prefers books to women, art to blood. How does he do it? I suppose he has tried to overcome his predatory nature as best as someone in his position can and though he will never be mortal again, he carries remnants of that existence inside of him. He lives for books and art surviving on as little blood as possible. It’s not a matter of denying his nature, it’s more like controlling it and after several hundred years he is quite good at it until a young woman comes along who gives him hope….

I have done it! I sent my novel to all my workshop classmates via e-mail. My work is now out there for them to read and to critique. Suppose they hate it? Suppose they love it? Anything but indifference, please! I am ready to have other eyes look into the world of my vampires. Will they find them as lovely and deadly as I do? How would they improve them? Will I be able to take their “constructive” comments and make changes to better the story? I will keep you posted as I go along here. It’s all new to me yet I am thrilled to have started this process. I hoped to become a part of an on-line writers group for about a year now so perhaps some writing mates will come out of this class. I know I will grow as a writer and isn’t that what all writers want – to create a better story?

I’ll let you know.

I am about to embark on a quest that is every writers dream and their worst nightmare. I am taking an on-line writing class. I submit my novel and receive my classmates novels in return and get down to the business of reading, editing and commenting on anothers work. I am sure there are stringent guidelines. I would like to think that someone would be as honest yet as kind as they could when reading my novel. I try to extend the same courtesy to other writers as well. Having others read my novel is scarey to say the least. Only one person has read my work and I handed it to him hesitantly. What if he thinks I am a total nut or worse, what if he hates the story? I am exposing my psyche and my inner world. All artists put themselves at such risk when they bare their souls. Whether it is through dance, paint or the written word we toss ourselves out into the ring for all to see and sometimes it aint’ pretty. Perhaps e-mailing my novel to my classmates is less intimidating than handing them my work in person. There is still anonymity on the internet still I dread yet am thrilled about receiveing their feedback. I write about vampires, superhuman beings that are at the top of the food chain; beautiful yet deadly creatures, yet faced with submitting my work to my classmates – I’ll take facing the vampires anyday.

Anyone passing by I would love your feedback. Who do you allow to read your writing? How do you feel submitting it to strangers to critique? Do you ever get over the initial dread of exposing yourself to a stranger? Is it worse letting loved ones read your work as opposed to strangers? I would love to hear from you, even you vampires.

How many of you writers find yourselves so immersed in your characters that you can’t seperate youself from them? At times I find myself distracted to the point of not being able to think about much else. I am working out scenes between characters, listening to them laugh, talk, fight, resolve things. I once read something to the fact that a good character is one that has been lived in by the author. You take that character with you and try to imagine them in certain situations: buying groceries, standing in line at the bank, wandering around a museum, etc. This is how you bring them to life on the page. If that is the case my characters are jumping off the page! They live with me 24/7, much to the chagrin of my husband who finds himself asking me on more than one occasion “where did you just go?” How do I explain to him that I inhabit two worlds and I try to balance my time in each one. Is that creativity or schizophrenia? I am really not sure.

Ah the life of a writer.