Vampire Novelist Denise K. Rago

Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago

– Immortal Obsession –

Published 2010

A book with so many layers of history and emotion you simply can’t stop turning the pages.

– Vampire Romance Books


As a child, Amanda Perretti had only one dream: to work for the most prestigious museum in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After the premature death of her mother, she lands her dream job working in the European Decorative Arts Department, uniting her love of art with her fascination for the French Revolution.

While working late one night, she receives a call from her only brother. He needs her; can she come immediately? Against her better judgment she rushes to meet him in Central Park and runs headlong into a series of events that will change her life forever.

Christian Du Mauré has watched over Amanda Perretti since her childhood. Although Christian prefers to hide from humanity, Amanda is compelled to find the ethereal stranger who saves her life that fateful night in Central Park. When their paths do collide again, she has no idea who Christian really is—or what secrets about her past he guards so carefully.

As a confrontation between ancient enemies comes to a head, Christian tries but cannot prevent Amanda from becoming a pawn in a power struggle that dates back centuries, to his youth in 18th century France. He must finally acknowledge an unspeakable betrayal in order to protect himself and the young woman he now loves so deeply.

Set against the backdrop of Revolution-era Paris and modern day Manhattan, Immortal Obsession is a smart, face-paced read that combines the historical realism of Anne Rice’s best work with the sexiness of a contemporary vampire tale.



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When your lifespan is centuries, you find grudges manage to live as long as you do. “Immortal Obsession” tells the story of Christian Du Maure, a young man who was entered into the Vampiric world during the French Revolution. As time passes, he moves through the world, trying to leave the wars behind. As his children are threatened, Christian finds that old grudges only die when those involved do, and he must act fast to put the past to rest once and for all. “Immortal Obsession” spins a unique story of romance, intrigue, and the paranormal into a delightfully fun and quick read.

– Midwest Book Review


Immortal Obsession is NOT just another vampire story. Immortal Obsesion is a riveting, sensational new novel written by an extremely talented and creative new author.”

– Teri Englbrecht on


“Denise K Rago’s Immortal Obsession is a fantastic new vampire novel that seamlessly takes the readers into the world of vampires from 18th Century France to present day Manhattan. The vivid imagery in the writing made me feel as though I was walking the streets of Paris with the French Revolution raging around me. I can close my eyes and see tourists strolling through Central Park and the beauty of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rago’s vampires are powerful and sexy as we have come to expect but you’ll find no inner turmoil over how they have to survive.  There are so many characters in this book but because of the depth of each one there is no problem keeping everyone’s place in the story clear.  Immortal Obsession is a book with so many layers of history and emotion you simply can’t stop turning pages to see what happens next. The end of the book leaves you with a huge cliffhanger and I hope Ms. Rago is busy writing the follow up to this fabulous novel!”

– Rhonda Valverde, Vampire Romance Books


“The emotions I felt when reading this book ran from one extreme to the other. The villains in this story had several layers which only added to the danger and excitement. The way this story captivated my time I could not quit until the very end… This story wrapped me up in the struggle and the fight of these vampires and I would love to read more from this fascinating world.”

– Hockeyvamp, reviewer for Bitten by Books


“If you want a truly amazing and unique read then pick this up. It will not disappoint with its fast-paced story and wonderful characters that will take you into their lives, past and present. And what’s not to love about French vampires?”

– Siobhan, Blogger at Love Fantasy Sci-Fi Novels


“Great book. If you love tormented love stories, where vampires and humans intertwine in more ways than one…then this story is for you. There’s intrigue, romance, mystery, (vampire) politics, friendship, banter, a strong female lead and corruption, loyalty, betrayal and…well everything…Read it! It put a smile on my face.”

– Kelly, Blogger at I Work for Books


“Glamour and danger mix in a dark combination of romance and suspense… The pacing of Immortal Obsession is excellent. Rago keeps her readers in suspense right down to the last page. Amanda is trying to discover why vampires in New York and Europe are so interested in her. Readers put the pieces together with Amanda. The plot never stalls; the events in New York move forward, as we gather key pieces of information from conversations and flashbacks. The action finally culminates in a scene that would be perfect for a vampire film– with plenty of drama and visual appeal. Overall, Immortal Obsession is a vivid and engaging novel that combines romance and suspense.”

– Feathered Quill Book Reviews


“Vampires from 1790s Paris are now in present day New York City in search of a taste of what vampires can’t have. They battle it out for this unique power. One vampire, Christian Du Mauré, is racing to beat them to it, not for the power, but for something closer to his heart. Immortal Obsession is a refreshing, well-written page turner guaranteed to have you wanting more.”

– Debbie Vilage


“One of the best novels I’ve read in a long while. I totally loved it. A great page-turner, original, with some interesting characters and so well-written.”

– Marie Symeou


“The book is far from ‘just’ a paranormal romance. In fact it’s a real page-turner and I was not able to put it down (completely forgetting the world outside) until I finished it. I really enjoyed the book and would love to read more about Christian and his friends. I really hope there will be a sequel…”

– Mary Lee


“Normally I don’t read vampire or paranormal novels but I picked up <span>Immortal Obsession</span> and could not put it down. Great read; looking forward to the next book.”

– Linda Martin


“An awesome read, well paced, characters that capture your interest, suspense and mystery across continents.”

– J.D


“I never seem to have much time to read a novel all the way through, and I’ve never had much interest in vampires, but Immortal Obsession was such a gripping story that once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down. A real page-turner with such awesome characters. It would make a terrific movie!!  I can’t wait for the sequel. Keep up the great work.”

– Barbara Bracale