Vampire Novelist Denise K. Rago

Blood Tears by Denise K. Rago

– Blood Tears –

Published 2014

A beautifully written and at times melancholic paranormal romance.

– Paranormal Book Lovers


Amanda knew she had to track down Christian after he so gallantly saved her from his fellow vampire Gaétan. Having done so, she is now his mortal lover and will not leave his side.

But that is exactly what she’ll have to do when Christian decides to return to Paris. He informs her of his plans and leaves the vampire Michel, his most trusted comrade, behind to watch after her in Manhattan.

What she doesn’t yet know is she’s carrying a child, and that the father is either Gaétan or Christian.

Christian finds Paris rife with secrets, rich secrets including past love affairs that have the power to destroy his life. These secrets had been safely hidden—until now.

While Christian is in Paris, word of Amanda’s pregnancy gets out, and she is hunted by a vampire order that believes her child could be the one foretold by a prophecy.

Can Christian discover the answers he needs in time to save Amanda?

As enticing as her first book, Blood Tears is Denise K. Rago’s latest novel in her ongoing chronicle of the vampire Christian Du Mauré.



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– The Reviews –

What an unbelievable journey, back in time how it was in the days of old France, you can almost relive it again, and almost smell all those scents of perfume, flowers, and old woods, the smell of underground… it was so real! and then meeting an unbelieveble creature, it was a total blow away… you made me so curious for part 3 that i am very excited and just hope it will be out soon! Thank You, with all my heart for those beautiful books!

– M.Bex Welters Utrecht the Netherlands


This is a story about obsession, passion, secrets, and love between family and lovers. Blood Tears peels away the layers of obsession and love through time and history, and is a somewhat heavy, intense read. As the reader follows the shadowy and windy road, there is much to be discovered around each turn.

– Storm Reyes (Bitten by Books)


This is the second book to Immortal Obsession and a continuation of Christian’s story. I enjoyed getting to know Christian’s past better and realizing he had been connected to his ‘future’ from the beginning. It was hard at times to like Christian for the way he treated one lover as he obsessed over the other, and ultimately breaking one’s heart. However, I understand his obsession and why he made the decisions he made.It is clear that his ‘past’ is his ‘future’. I am now a Michel fan for his loyalty to Christian, and now his loyalty to Amanda. I can see an affection beginning to grow between them and it is exciting to see it unfold. Fingers Crossed. I enjoyed Denise K. Rago’s style of writing. As she described the scenes of France, they popped in my mind as vivid images. I further enjoyed how she pulled us into the world of vampires, ancient, and future. Denise did an outstanding job with her book two and you certainly would be doing yourself a favor to get this book, not only for the entertaining story itself, but as well for the beautiful descriptions of France intertwined inside the story. Looking forward to book three.

– Lisa


“Blood Tears” is the second book in the Immortal Obsession series by Denise K. Rago. If you’re a fan of French Revolution France and Vampires – you shouldn’t miss this one. “Blood Tears” is a beautifully written and at times melancholic paranormal romance. It’s a very good second book in the “Immortal Obsession” series with an interesting twist at the end of the book to make you hungry for more. I would recommend this book to readers of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

– Paranormal Book Lovers