I am so very excited because I just discovered that Ovation TV is premiering a new show on October 1st about one of my obsessions – Versailles!!! You all already know that the French Revolution is one of my favorite historical periods (“What? No! We had no idea!” you say, hehe) and I am incredibly intrigued by this new show.

The tagline for the show reads:

At 28, King Louis XIV of France commissions Versailles, the most beautiful palace in Europe, which serves as the King’s gilded prison – keeping his friends close and enemies closer. Enter a world of untold wealth, power, and passion. Where love and lust are just a heartbeat away from deceit and betrayal. Experience Versailles in all its brutal glory. Only on Ovation.

And HERE is an exclusive sneak peek:

What do you guys think?? Yay, nay? Super excited like me? Leave your comments because I want more people to talk to about this show!