I am taking a few days “off” and heading to sunny Southern Florida. I love the heat and the sun and before winter truly sets in I need to wear shorts, watch palm trees sway and use suntan lotion once more. I am taking a few chapters of my current novel with me. It doesn’t have a title though I can see the cover image in my mind. I am wrestling with the ending and I am hoping that some sun and surf will inspire me to write a decent ending for my novel. I usually take a legal pad and write long hand – I don’t know what it is but there is something cathartic about the act of writing. Obviously I am using a computer now and I do most of my writing on a keyboard but when I sit myself down in a beach chair near the waves I want a pad and pencil. Seems odd to be writing a novel about vampires while basking in the sun but I get to combine three of my obsessions: the beach,writing and vampires. I thought about getting an alpha smart keyboard so I can write anywhere but I still prefer long hand. See you all next week.