I haven’t been writing as much as I would like to these days with Thanksgiving coming up this week, family commitments, etc. It’s a tough balancing act. I had written out my novel using plot points for each chapter and I have been living with these characters for over a year now but as I hit the home stretch I am not satisfied with what I have written in terms of the last few chapters. I decided to put it down for a while as I mull over how I want my novel to end. I don’t want to kill anyone off (well one or two characters maybe) and I am not sure if my two leads finish this novel as lovers, friends, enemies or what? Writing gives you only so much power over the lives of your characters and then they start fighting back. Once I get my website up and running I will be posting snippits of my current novel and other short stories I have written. I find my two main characters doing a push me pull you, come close go away type thing as I struggle to come to terms with their relationship. Maybe it’s up for grabs and my novel should just end after a crazy few days in the life of one mortal woman and the vampires she had become intwined with. I hope once I post pieces of my novel I will get comments, suggestions, etc because I think it is helpful in the early stages of novel writing to have people you trust critique your work. Anyway, I shall do my best to pick up and see where my characters take me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.