It is Sunday and the moon is full tonight and boy can I feel it. Just being out and about among people – they just act differently and drive much more aggressively during a full moon. I have not written in over one week due to so much family stuff. I was writing daily but it has become difficult. Now with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas looming on the horizon it will be harder to find the time. I am considering a laptop so I can sit in front of my fireplace and write. Sounds utterly serene and conducive to putting ideas and emotions on paper. I began my last blog with a commentary on the movie Dog Soldiers. I discovered it by accident and I really enjoyed it. It is the type of movie where the action begins about 10 minutes into it and does not stop. A few surprises along the way which kept this viewers adreneline flowing.

I saw Underworld Evolution when it first came out and I did enjoy but for different reasons. I could not help but notice the differences in the depictions of the vampires vs. the werewolves. Perhaps not so much in literature but in movies vampires are generally handsome or beautiful, well groomed, rich and extravagant. Werewolves seem to possess none of those qualities. I began to wonder why and I open this up for debate and discussion with anyone who comes along to read my blog. In Underworld Evolution, the vampires live in a gated mansion, drink blood out of silver goblets and dress impeccibly (in black of course). The werewolves have none of the amenities that the vampires possess. Is it because they are half man and half animal? Does that give them less status than the undead? Just food for thought.

I recently opened the New York Times Men Fall Style Magazine and found an photographic essay on “The Damned, Hell Bent Threads for the Eternal A Lister” featuring an assortment of beautiful young male models dressed in top of the line designer clothing. It is tantilizing to say the least. Vampires are “in”, vampire novels more popular than ever and although the reasons for this trend are not the topic of this blog I can’t imagine The New York Times running a similar photoessay featuring young male werewolves. What would it be called? The Fuzzy?