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I just finised Let Me In by the Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist and let me tell you, it was excellent. A page turner and a true piece of literary fiction. I found myself caring about all of the characters, even Eli the vampire. Despite it being a dark and cold novel I would recommend it to anyone who takes their vampires seriously!

No, this is not “The Dating Game” but the waiting game. I have queried several more agents in my quest for representation. Now all I can do is wait and hope that one of them will believe in my novel Immortal Obsession. I have begun my second novel in the series, presently titled Blood Kiss. Clues to who was given a blood kiss are apparent in the opening chapter; well, sort of apparent. I don’t like to spell anything out too clearly and I do like to keep my vampires on their toes as well.

I am presentlly working on a page on as well as putting up a photo of myself here as well as on MySpace. A website is in the works as well so please keep checking in with me.

I went on vacation and took the entire Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. I have almost finished it and I must say I really enjoyed it. I love Sookie Stackhouse; a character so real I feel like I know her! My favorite vampire is Eric of course, having a thing for tall blondes. His very humanness is what makes him so likable, despite being a centuries old vampire. I can’t wait to tune into TruBlood, the series based on her writings, which starts in September on HBO!

Another novel I picked up is Let Me In by the Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist. I have not started it yet but the premise seems absolutely chilling. Definitely a darker vampire tale which has been made into a movie in Sweden. I am on the lookout for this one but meanwhile, I have the novel to sink my teeth into, pardon the expression!

I have begun my second novel, presently titled Blood Kiss. Michel may have more of a prominent role in this one; in fact, this story may be through his eyes as he wooes the beautiful but very much taken Josette Delacore, the married lover of his best friend, Christian. Though I allude to a love affair between Josette and Michel in Immortal Obsession, I did not explore it. Christian is still unable to come to terms with the possible reality of his best friend and his woman being lovers. I have finished the Prologue and anticipate watching their romance unfold, set against the backdrop of eighteenth century France.

I hear that voice again. The voice of my characters Christian and Michel talking to me from their world in eighteenth century France prior to the revolution that ripped their world apart, just as it had done to the mortals all around them. I write as it comes to me and edit later as to not interupt the flow of ideas.

We shall see how this shapes up into my second book in this series.

  • by Denise K. Rago

I have sent out all my query letters and e-queries as well to various agents. Now I play and pray: play the waiting game and pray that someone out there will believe in my novel and want to represent me. I have been working hard and I never thought I would reach this moment. Now I am here and I hope an agent will agree that Immortal Obsession is ready for publication.

As a writer I am so in the moment when I sit in front of my computer screen that I forget that almost three years has passed since the night I began this novel. It has gone through many changes set forth first by me and then by my editor. Then a copy editor took one last look at it and really cleaned it up. It has gone through a metamorphosis as I believe I have done over the past through years. Now I stand at another precipice, waiting on a call or a letter requesting my entire manuscript. I would assume once that happens that is a very good sign. Meanwhile, life goes on. I go to work each day and try not to think too much about that moment.

I got my manuscript back last Monday from my copyeditor. It was a sea of red however so after spending almost a week on revisions Immortal Obsession is ready to go. I finished all my query letters and they are going out today. I am excited and Inever imagined getting to this place. Now I am here and once I send out my letters then I wait some more. It has been almost three years since I began Immortal Obsession. I am proud of my finished product. I believe it is a great story. I hope an agent will feel the same way as I do and ask to see my manuscript. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

My proof reader promised to have my manuscript back to me this week. I am so excited to see her revisions I am almost pacing! I trust her judgement and though I may not agree with all her suggestions, in the end, I will have a tighter novel that reads well. Isn’t that what any writer wants for their creation?

Right now, I am researching agents to query once I have Immortal Obsession in my hot little hands. I have been hesitant to query agents prior to the completion of my novel because as my editor brought to my attention, suppose one of them wants to see your ms immediately and you don’t have it in hand? Now that is a problem I would love to have! I have taken his advice as well and I am waiting for my novel to be complete, revised and the best it can be before I undertake the next step.

I feel like a horse at the gait waiting for the bell!

It has taken me two and a half years (since October 2005)to complete Immortal Obsession. I am proud of every moment I worked on it; every ounce of blood, sweat and love I have poured into my novel. I hope that I have created something of beauty and joy which gives my readers as much joy to read as it was for me to write.

When the dreaded suggestion of line editing was presented to me I cringed. Not that I don’t think my novel needs cleaning up. It does, believe me. I just don’t have the patience to do it and I consider myself a very patient person. It’s tedious and I believe that a writer cannot edit their own work. We are too close to it to see beyond the glaring misspellings, etc. That is where the proof reader comes in. Like a knight on a white horse, they come to our aid!

I give them alot of credit for taking any novel and without knowing anything about it, trying to make sense of it as well as clean it up. It’s a challenge but I know my vampires are safe with her. Now I am free to begin my next task…..researching agents!.

Last Thursday night I finished Immortal Obsession. I had tears of joy at finishing what I feel is a much better story. I waited for the voices inside my head to begin editing my final few chapters, but nothing came and that is when I knew I was finished. I know my editor may not agree and that is okay. That is his job but I hope he finds my tale one worth sharing with the world. I love my characters and I sense there are more adventures ahead for them. Stay tuned…..