Vampire Novelist Denise K. Rago

The official end of the summer is here.

I hope it was a good one for you.

I enjoyed spending time with my family and catching up on my reading and writing.  Yes, I am diligently working on the third book in my vampire chronicles, titled Eternal Hunger.  The story of vampire Christaan Du Maure continues in France in the present day though my readers know there are many flashbacks to the past in eighteenth century France and somehow the past always seems to illuminate and control the present day

Fall is my favorite time of the year and once again I look forward to cooler, crisper days, wood smoke and the trees changing to a patchwork of yellow, orange, red and gold.

The world transforms as do my characters; as do we all.

As I wander through one of my favorite books stores, I ponder the plight of the bookstore as we know it.
I love to support chains such as Barnes and Noble, plus the small town local bookstores such as The Clinton Book Shop in Clinton, New Jersey. There is a place for all types of book shops and electronic readers as well. I have both a Nook and a stack of books. I don’t think I am alone in this do you?

I read under all types of circumstances: poolside, in the doctors office, on the beach, in the airport. Each situation calls for a different device.
Has reading gotten this complicated or do I have a need for both the electronic reader and the physical book?

There are certain authors whose books I will buy with never a thought of downloading one of their books. Anne Rice, Stephen King, Jo Nesbo, John Connolly come to mind. Other authors are only a download and I guess as a writer, I don’t mind if a reader chooses to download Immortal Obsession or Blood Tears.

To each his or her own, as long as books are bought legally and read.

That is what matters.

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Many readers are asking about the mysterious Ghislain…..Not to give too much away but here is an excerpt from about him from Blood Tears….

It seemed to take forever to cross the Bois and approach Paris from the west. Perhaps it was tht thought of entering the massive ossuary that made Ghislain’s blood chill in his veins and his pace slow to almost a crawl. He needed to speak to Victor, but since the ancient vampire had taken to nesting below ground, he would also have to venturn down into the Roman quarries that had provided the stone for the soaring cathedrals and buildings of the twelfth century.

Ghislain reflected back on the Roman legions that had made France and England their home, and how he had met the vampire [Victor] for the first time in a battle north of Hadrian’s Wall in what became the country of Scotland. Victor was what history books caled a Pict; a member of an ancient people who lived in northern Scotland and fought against the Romans who were expanding northward. Ghislain had taken the guise of a Roman soldier back then. Young and powerful, he had relished the bloodshed, which gave him free reign to drink from the dying mortals all around him.

Instead of taking Victor’s life, Ghislain had offered him a place in the Roman army, and so the two of them had worked their way from England to Scotland, then to Ireland and back to France just as the Romans were losing their hold in the West. Ghislain had made Victor vampire and though their paths crossed over the years they lost contact in the early nineteenth century.

And now he lived in the catacombs like a rat.

Working on book three in my vampires chronicles and toying with the idea of a novella. I want to share with you the life of Josette Delacore the young, mortal aristocrat who captures the hearts of not one, nor two but three powerful vampires in eighteenth century Paris. She intriques me too. So young and beautiful and yet, not naive or too trusting.

I have been busy promoting Blood Tears. Readers have been raving about both this novel and my debut novel, Immortal Obsession. This thrills me but please, share your kind words about my novels with your friends, family, in your coffe shops, book stores and on social media. Even a few kind words on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook or Pinterest can do wonders for independent writers like myself.

Meanwhile, summer is moments away. Longer days, warmer days and as much time spent outside as humanly possibe.


“It happened again Michel.”

Her eyes seemed to illuminate from within as she spoke, turning from the colors of the forest to almost Peridot in color. Michel fought the pull of those eyes and everything about Amanda Perretti. She reminded him so much of Josette Delacore he could not help losing himself as she spoke, her voice wrapping around him like a silk scarf. Josette had a lilting laugh. Centuries later he could still hear her; a soft voice yet a lilting laugh, nothing like Amanda’s New York accent.
And yet he found himself mesmerized.

“Michel, you’re not listening.” She shook his arm gently.

“Forgive me, what were you saying?” He consciously stepped away from her thinking it might help him focus.

“The dream…it happened again. I dreamt about Christian again last night.”

Christian Du Maure.

His best friend since the 1700’s and Amanda’s current lover.

Michel had heard it before. She insisted Christian was trying to reach her. She had uncanny psychic abilities, just like Josette, her distant relative, but her dreams were unnerving him.

“He was in this vast room with plaster walls that were falling down all around him. The windows were broken and the floor covered in piles of plaster. I knew he was being held captive.” She stared off past him.

“Amanda, any vampire could climb out a window or smash a door in. How could he be locked in such a place?”

“I know it sounds strange but I ….he’s being held against his will Michel. He cannot get out of this…it’s an abandoned house. He paces and there’s some sort of design on the walls. I have to find this place.”

Michel felt a chill at the possiblity that Amanda was right and his best friend was being held as some sort of captive in France. It was not possible that any mortal could hold him but then perhaps his captor was not mortal.


“Michel, let me get my laptop. I need to start searching for abandoned chateaux in France. Perhaps I will recognize the place.”

“Then what?” Michel shrugged following after her.

The celebration begins today!
Joins numerous authors at Bitten By Books for a celebration of their 6 years anniversary. Authors such as Syrie James, Jim Butcher, Nancy Kilpatrick and Keri Arthur are giving away copies of their novels along with other prizes.

I’ll be there too, giving away two copies each of both of my novels, Immmortal Obsession and Blood Tears, plus an Amazon gift card. Please drop by and show your support for such a wonderful website which has only been supportive and kind to authors such as myself.

Thank you Rachel Smith for 6 wonderful years!

As a child I loved to retreat to a closet with a flashlight and do my homework. Yes, a closet. I found comfort in the small, quiet, dark space away from the noise of my family. I could focus and felt as peace, alone with my books and my thoughts. Sometimes I would take a book and retreat to the closet to read, not sure how I managed to hold a flashlight and a book but I did it.

As an adult, I find I gravitate towards small spaces. I live in a small house, my office is small. I always thought it was because it was less to clean and to manage, but I take comfort in the lack of space. Though I am in awe of castles and mansions built in another era, I am not sure I would want to live in one. Too much space I say to myself.

What is it about small spaces? They are comforting and safe for me and though I love daylight and the beach, I find something special about the darkness. Especially, the quiet and the darkness.

In Barnes and Noble last week, the cover of the April 28th issue of Time Magazine caught my attention. A black and white photograph of a train’s headlight barely visibie in mist, coming through a copse of trees. The title read FINDING GOD IN THE DARK ~ Beyond Enlightment: Acclaimed preacher Barbara Brown Taylor argues that strength, purpose and true faith are found in the shadows. I found the article fascinating, not only for the religious and spiritual content but that she challenges the concept of darkness as “evil or scary.”

In her newest book Learning to Walk in the Dark Taylor talks about such things as taking a walk at night, watching the moonrise, unplugging all your devices and yes, sitting in a closet! I also find it no surprise that I do most of my deepest writing while sitting at my desk in the darkness, surrounded by candlelight. I am not sure if I feel that I am cheating time but I take comfort in the quiet and the darkness. I have never found it scary or evil, only soothing and rejuvenating. I can gather my thoughts as though the darkness clears away the clutter of the day and the world starts anew.

Taylor states that “A walk in the dark can lead to wisdom, deliver us from fear, and brings us closer to God.”

Try it sometime and let me know what you discover.

I sit at my writing desk awith notes and varous papers written about the characters in my series. I have lineage charts for Christian, Amanda, Josette as well as many character profiles. I pull up the Outline template and stare at the blank grid knowing what is to come.

Book Three in my series.

I write a lot and although I may not use all the materials in one particular book I keep everything because….well, because my characters speak to me loud and clear and one never knows when all their gabbing will suddenly coalesce into a chapter and a direction and suddenly I have material for my next novel.

My next novel is tentatively titled Eternal Hunger.  As with all my book titles, they reference the emotional state of more than one character in the story.  For example, in Immortal Obsession, there were several immortal characters who were obsessed with other vampires and in some cases with mortal men and women.

In Blood Tears, many of the vampires cried Blood Tears. No one vampire was immune to sadness and loss. Loss wraps itself around all the main characters like a beautiful mink shawl as they struggle to live and love while they travel from the calamitous eighteenth century to the present day. For some, the eighteenth century is just another pit stop in their long and complicated lives.

Anyway, here I sit as voices fill my head and I see their faces and their pain and I realize, it is time to start anew.

Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer

Have you seen this film yet?

It looks particularly alluring with the two main characters; vampires aptly named Adam and Eve, moving about in the shadows of exotic rooms; lovers who have endured centuries both together and apart. Vampires that seem both accepting of their fate and yet bored by it. I wonder if I lived for centuries how would I manage not to be bored? What is it that sustains me on a daily basis? Without the frame-work of a mortal life how would I manage to remain connected to and excited by the world?

Would infinite time dull the edges of the things that I love? Reading, writing, traveling, listening to every classical composers works….it all takes time. Walking through art museums, watching movies.  Without the need to hurry through life how would I manage the vastness of it? It appears that vampires wrestle with these issues just as we do and I wonder how Adam and Eve will manage it in Only Lovers Left Alive.