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I have been a life-long Anne Rice fan, reading Interview With The Vampire when it first published in 1976 and knowing that she had changed the genre for this bloodthirsty creature.

The buzz for me this fall has been the publication of her latest novel, The Prince Lestat. I too fell in love with this charming vampire along with thousands of other readers and I have since gone onto to read all of her vampire novels as well as her series on The Mayfair Witches, angels and werewolves; however, nothing beats her vampire novels and there is none more famous vampire than Lestat.
In anticipation of her latest novel, there is much speculation around what actor would play this mercurial, gorgeous vampire on film. Who could fill that frock coat?

I refuse to revisit the original debate that ensued over the actor Tom Cruise landing the role of the infamous vampire and the pros and cons of the studios’ choice. I do know that I loved the movie. As I mull over all the possibilities I have come up with three actors who could bring Lestat to the screen and fill his shoes, or should I say boots? I welcome your feedback too and you can’t tell me you have not thought about this too.

The first gentlemen that comes to mind is Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. Famously know for his portrayal of vampire Eric Northman in True Blood; He is tall, blond and frighteningly gorgeous with a very dark side.

image003 (1)

My second thought is the lesser known actor Michael Pitt. Best known for his portrait of troubled gangster Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire, he has the coloring and angst to play Lestat. He too is tall and foreboding and may fit into the eighteenth century quite well.


The third choice is one of my favorite musicians and actors, Jared Leto. His portrayal of Reyon in the film Dallas Buyers Club earned him an Oscar but also my undying love and respect. I can visualize him prancing around in a lace shirt, high heels with long blond hair. Lestat resurrected as a rock star. They way I see it, is already there.


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My Writing Notes

What is my writing process?

Do I outline my books?

Do I know how they will end?

Where does my inspiration come from?

How do I develop my characters?

Why do I work a full-time job and not write full-time?

I am asked these questions all the time but there are no easy answers.

As a very visual person I write a scene as it unfolds in my mind and go back and edit it later. As the dialogue unfolds it takes shape and the chapter feels like a film that I sort of control.

I never know where a scene will end let alone how one of my novels will end. I may have an idea or two but that has been known to change on a dime.

I know there is an arc, a trajectory which peaks at a certain point and then winds down, but I never know where that point is until I begin to write. Who will live? Who must die. Who needs to be heard in this chapter?

I do not outline. No, I should clarify. I do write notes and draw lines between characters and as the scenes unfold I get a sense of where the story is going and then it builds on its own momentum.

My characters are all “in there” meaning they live inside of me. It sounds schizophrenic I know but they do and I know all their likes and dislikes, their pain and deepest secrets. Perhaps they are people I knew in a past life for I know them so well.

A reader confessed that she knew nothing about vampires. I have created a world filled with mortal and vampiric characters.

Although I draw on the influences of Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton, my characters are as fragile and guilt-ridden as you and I. Living forever gives one a certain power and perspective but it does not make one less prone to the pangs of love, betrayal or regret. Taking a life does not give these vampires the power to go back in time and mend a mistake. Just like us they have to live with themselves and their choices. Immortality gives one a lens with which to look back over long expanses of time. That is sometimes not a good thing.

Why don’t I write full-time? I had a well-known published author once tell me not to quite my day job. She was not referring to me but to the group of us writers attending her seminar. As she explained, it has taken her decades of writing and selling novels to reach a point where she did not have to work another job and just focus on writing. I was shocked but not discouraged and though I wish I could devote more time during my day to writing I also enjoy working and being around people. Honestly, I would lose my mind being home alone every day.

For the time being I write when inspiration fills me and time allows. I must admit that if an agent approached me then I might sing a different tune but I think the world of publishing is like any other business. It’s about making money, not necessarily great literature. What type of story will sell? What is “hot” right now? We have all read incredible novels that do not sell and in turn, I have read some mediocre novels that have made it to the shelves of Barnes and Noble and onto the NYT best seller list. Some novels create a buzz and some novels just are in the right place at the right time.

The wheels of publishing turn but I can’t imagine being ground up in that process.

And finally, where does all this inspiration come from?

I have written at length about the experience that lead to the creation of he vampire Christian Du Mauré. Nine years later it is still haunting and ineffable and I am forever searching like a star-crossed lover for the story I am to tell. All I know is that it is one of deep love and profound sadness.


It is getting to be that time of year when I spend a lot of time by the fire, reading and writing. Though I am not a winter person I do love a good fire. Winter feels to me to be such a long season and more of a sedentary one so I do a lot of reading and writing.

I thought I would list a few books I planned to read over this fall and winter. I tend to read larger books that I don’t want to rush through and I don’t want to travel with or carry to the beach. The first one that comes to mind is a rather large book titled The Annotated Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.  Did you that that she wrote only one novel?  Quite an impressive debut novel.

My second choice is a rather thick tome by Dan Simmons titled Drood.  The inside flap starts with the following: Drood is the name and nightmare that obsesses Charles Dickens for the last five years of his life.

At almost 800 pages it should keep me very busy as I discover the nature of the obsession of the great writer Charles Dickens.

My last choice is a massive narrative biography titled Catherine the Great by Robert K. Massie.  Catherine is one woman who has always interested me and again, at 600 pages this is a book best savored by the fire.

Share with me some of your winter reads and why you choose this time of year to read them.  As always, thank you for stopping by.


  • by Denise K. Rago

This is my favorite season; a time of transitions as we move from summer to winter.  Where I live the leaves are starting to turn from green to yellow, red and orange.  So beautiful yet I have such mixed feelings. I am not a winter person. Not a fan of cold weather, shorter days and gray days although I do enjoy sitting fire side with a good book and lots of candles burning. I must admit it is a cozy feeling.

Fall here at home.

Fall here at home.

The official end of the summer is here.

I hope it was a good one for you.

I enjoyed spending time with my family and catching up on my reading and writing.  Yes, I am diligently working on the third book in my vampire chronicles, titled Eternal Hunger.  The story of vampire Christaan Du Maure continues in France in the present day though my readers know there are many flashbacks to the past in eighteenth century France and somehow the past always seems to illuminate and control the present day

Fall is my favorite time of the year and once again I look forward to cooler, crisper days, wood smoke and the trees changing to a patchwork of yellow, orange, red and gold.

The world transforms as do my characters; as do we all.

As I wander through one of my favorite books stores, I ponder the plight of the bookstore as we know it.
I love to support chains such as Barnes and Noble, plus the small town local bookstores such as The Clinton Book Shop in Clinton, New Jersey. There is a place for all types of book shops and electronic readers as well. I have both a Nook and a stack of books. I don’t think I am alone in this do you?

I read under all types of circumstances: poolside, in the doctors office, on the beach, in the airport. Each situation calls for a different device.
Has reading gotten this complicated or do I have a need for both the electronic reader and the physical book?

There are certain authors whose books I will buy with never a thought of downloading one of their books. Anne Rice, Stephen King, Jo Nesbo, John Connolly come to mind. Other authors are only a download and I guess as a writer, I don’t mind if a reader chooses to download Immortal Obsession or Blood Tears.

To each his or her own, as long as books are bought legally and read.

That is what matters.

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I would love to hear from all of you so please feel free to ask questions about my novels or my thoughts about writing.
Here is the link to my author page on” target=”_blank”>Goodreads and I will be sure to repond and again I thank you for dropping by.

Many readers are asking about the mysterious Ghislain…..Not to give too much away but here is an excerpt from about him from Blood Tears….

It seemed to take forever to cross the Bois and approach Paris from the west. Perhaps it was tht thought of entering the massive ossuary that made Ghislain’s blood chill in his veins and his pace slow to almost a crawl. He needed to speak to Victor, but since the ancient vampire had taken to nesting below ground, he would also have to venturn down into the Roman quarries that had provided the stone for the soaring cathedrals and buildings of the twelfth century.

Ghislain reflected back on the Roman legions that had made France and England their home, and how he had met the vampire [Victor] for the first time in a battle north of Hadrian’s Wall in what became the country of Scotland. Victor was what history books caled a Pict; a member of an ancient people who lived in northern Scotland and fought against the Romans who were expanding northward. Ghislain had taken the guise of a Roman soldier back then. Young and powerful, he had relished the bloodshed, which gave him free reign to drink from the dying mortals all around him.

Instead of taking Victor’s life, Ghislain had offered him a place in the Roman army, and so the two of them had worked their way from England to Scotland, then to Ireland and back to France just as the Romans were losing their hold in the West. Ghislain had made Victor vampire and though their paths crossed over the years they lost contact in the early nineteenth century.

And now he lived in the catacombs like a rat.

Working on book three in my vampires chronicles and toying with the idea of a novella. I want to share with you the life of Josette Delacore the young, mortal aristocrat who captures the hearts of not one, nor two but three powerful vampires in eighteenth century Paris. She intriques me too. So young and beautiful and yet, not naive or too trusting.

I have been busy promoting Blood Tears. Readers have been raving about both this novel and my debut novel, Immortal Obsession. This thrills me but please, share your kind words about my novels with your friends, family, in your coffe shops, book stores and on social media. Even a few kind words on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook or Pinterest can do wonders for independent writers like myself.

Meanwhile, summer is moments away. Longer days, warmer days and as much time spent outside as humanly possibe.